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The Udesly App is a web app that allows you to adapt your Webflow theme in order to be used with different CMSes.


Why you should use the Udesly App in the first place? 🤔

Webflow! an amazing design tool! 🎨 And we wanted to use Webflow everyday and in every kind of projects!

Every tool has its own pros, cons and best use cases, but we didn’t want to give up on Webflow at least as design tool when our customers needed a different CMS or needed to cover functionalities not yet available.

That’s why we built up the App, to use Webflow all the time… And also to not bother up our devs with boring task like writing html markup

It’s just a way to mix up different tools and get the best of all worlds! ✨

In this case, let’s be specific and let’s start our journey to the WordPress.


We know, WordPress is not the shiniest kid on the market anymore. But it still has a lot of things to say to the world! And a lot of plugins to cover all your customers needs! And if you are a PHP dev, is the most flexible platform available right now. You can modify everything you need on the backend and add any custom function you need!


Below there are some features that might let you consider WordPress as platform to use:

  1. Real gated content (*will be possible in Webflow later this year);
  2. A lot more payment gateways supported, like iDeal, Klarna, Afterpay and so on;
  3. User management;
  4. Unlimited CMS items;
  5. A familiar interface for you customers;
  6. No vendor lock in, WordPress is open-source and you can host wherever you want, your data will be always your data;
  7. An infinite plugin marketplace;
  8. A pretty vast community of developers;
  9. Limits on forms are defined by your hosting and usually there are no limits;
  10. You can host in Europe so less headaches for GDPR.


Naturally WordPress is not the perfect platform at all, and has some cons:

  1. Higher maintenance;
  2. Performance are highly dependant on quality of hosting, server and cache configuration;
  3. Requires a bit of learning;


In order to use the App you need to meet the following requirements:

You don’t need to get a site plan on Webflow, your site will be hosted on Netlify platform (or any hosting you wish if you want to just compile the theme).